Ernesto Acosta



Mis Datos / Personal Information

Ernesto Luis Acosta Valdés

11 de Junio de 1987

Pinar del Río. Cuba

29 years old


MS Windows


Ubuntu/Ubuntu Server/Debian.

CentOS/Opensuse/Suse Enterprise Linux Server.




Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10


Web Design

Graphics Design


Foundation, Bootstrap

Experiencia Laboral / Work Experience

Laboratory Technician Computer [2007]

Manager Networks and Services [2007 - Actually]

Web Designer and Graphics Designer [2010 - Actually]

Contacto / Contact

elavdeveloper [at] gmail [dot] com

@elavdeveloper [Twitter]

elav.linux [Facebook]

Phone Number (ask by email)

Servicios / Network Services

Web Server (Apache, NGinx, Lighttpd)

Web Proxy (Squid)

Mail Server (Postfix, Dovecot, IMAP, POP3)

DNS Server (Bind9, dnsmasq, DyDNS)

Firewall (Firehol, IPTables, PFSense)

FTP Server (pureFTP, proFTPD)

Virtualization (Proxmox, OpenVZ, Qemu, KVM, VMWare, Vbox)

IM Server (XMPP, OpenFire, eJabberd, IRC)

DB Server (MySQL, MariaDB)

Load Balancing (HAProxy)


Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, FluxBB, FlatPress

Others: LDAP, Network Security, DHCP, NTP, Streaming, Puppet

Idiomas / Languages

Español / Spanish (Native)

Inglés / English (Basic)

Otros Datos / Other Information

Throughout my career I have played different tasks. I did my internship studies in Computer Laboratories The Faculty of Medical Science, located in the hospital dependent on the Cerro municipality, where I began to gain experience with service management on Windows.

Later I went to work Technical Laboratory at the Polytechnic Institute of Informatics Raul Cepero Bonilla, where I started using GNU / Linux in 2007, gaining experience in using Debian so was promoted to Manager of Networks and Systems said workplace. I learned how to set up and manage on their own the various services that made up the network.

I was one of the pioneers and responsible for Migration to Free Software within the Ministry of Education, helping the IPI Cepero Bonilla was the first school in the country to use Free Software 100% in both the PC and the plan studies.

I gained knowledge as Webmaster, using CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and other FlatPress, Web Programming and SEO techniques. Parallel to the Network and Systems Management, I was inclining me for graphic design and web design, which allowed me to lay out different sites within the intranet of the center.

I was a member and coordinator of the Grupo de Usuarios de Tecnologías Libres en Cuba (GUTL). I'm part in the dissemination, promotion and implementation of Free Software and Open Source in various places including state schools. As part of these activities I have organized several major events, such as FLISOL.

Also possess knowledge of hardware architecture, which allows me to perform basic knowledge in assembling computers. I currently serve as Network and Systems Manager at the Palacio Central de Joven Club de Computación y Electrónica

I was the founder and CEO of DesdeLinux Project, a community non-profit space that began as a blog, but currently provides support through various services: Forums, IRC, Blog and Paste.